20 June 2022
Buddhi will be joining us soon. Welcome!

1 June 2022
Congratulations on finishing the PhD journey and starting your postdoc, Farhan!

24 Mar 2022
Asiri will be giving his thesis presentation “Geometric Learning on Graph Structured Data” at 11am - 12pm.

10 Mar 2022
Xincheng will be joining us within a collaboration between our lab and CSIRO – Welcome Xincheng!

14 Feb 2022
Asela will be joining us. Welcome and look forward to seeing you soon in Canberra!

31 Jan 2022
Our work on A New Perspective on “How Graph Neural Networks Go Beyond Weisfeiler-Lehman?” is accepted by ICLR 2022 (oral).

27 Jan 2022
Masooma will be giving her thesis presentation “Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing” at 11am - 12pm.

18 Jan 2022
Masooma’s paper “dK-Personalization: Publishing Network Statistics with Personalized Differential Privacy” is accepted by PAKDD 2022.

11 Jan 2022
Farhan’s work “BatchHL: Answering Distance Queries on Batch-Dynamic Networks at Scale” is to appear at SIGMOD 2022.

22 Nov 2021
Welcome Yi, Dillon, and Bhavesh to start their summer research programs with us!

13 Nov 2021
Ghodai’s recent work on “Deep Graph Memory Networks for Forgetting-Robust Knowledge Tracing” is available.

15 Oct 2021
Data61 PhD opportunity with the project “Privacy-Enhanced Analytics on Evolving Graphs” for onshore students. Application deadline is 5 November.

7 Oct 2021
Farhan’s thesis presentation “Answering Shortest Path Distance Queries in Very Large Networks” will be held at 11am - 12pm.

3 Oct 2021
Farhan’s paper “Fast Fully Dynamic Labelling For Distance Queries” is accepted for publication in The VLDB Journal!

21 Sep 2021
Gathika will be joining us remotely from 30 Sep. Welcome! We look forward to seeing you in Canberra in Jan 2022!

1 Sep 2021
Asiri’s paper “A Regularized Wasserstein Framework for Graph Kernels” is accepted by ICDM 2021.

26 Jul 2021
Sean’s paper “Beyond Low-Pass Filters: Adaptive Feature Propagation on Graphs” is to appear at ECML-PKDD 2021.

01 Jul 2021
Two PhD scholarships for an ARC DP project are available.

01 Jul 2021
— This lab site is officially starting!