Welcome to Graph Research Lab

We are a research team at the School of Computing, Australian National University. Our overarching research goal is to explore and understand graph-structured data. In today’s real-world applications, graphs are ubiquitously used for representing complex objects and their relationships such as cities in a road network, atoms in a molecule, friendships in social networks, connections in computer networks, and links among web pages. We focus on the following research areas:

  • Graph management and analysis
  • Graph algorithms
  • Graph deep learning
  • Bridging between graph theory and machine learning


21 Sep 2021

Gathika will be joining us remotely from 30 Sep. Welcome! We look forward to seeing you in Canberra in Jan 2022!

1 Sep 2021

Asiri's paper "A Regularized Wasserstein Framework for Graph Kernels" is accepted by ICDM 2021.

26 Jul 2021

Sean's paper "Beyond Low-Pass Filters - Adaptive Feature Propagation on Graphs" is to appear at ECML-PKDD 2021.

01 Jul 2021

Two PhD scholarships for an ARC DP project are available.

01 Jul 2021

This lab site is officially starting!

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