Welcome to Graph Research Lab

We are a research team at the School of Computing, Australian National University. Our overarching research goal is to explore and understand graph-structured data. In today’s real-world applications, graphs are ubiquitously used for representing complex objects and their relationships such as cities in a road network, atoms in a molecule, friendships in social networks, connections in computer networks, and links among web pages. We focus on the following research areas:

  • Graph theory and algorithms
  • Machine learning on graphs
  • Bridging between graph theory and machine learning
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20 Nov 2022

Sean's paper "Restructuring Graphs for Higher Homophily via Adaptive Spectral Clustering" is accepted to AAAI 2023. Congratulations Sean!

18 Oct 2022

Our survey paper "Knowledge Tracing: A Survey" is to appear at ACM Computing Surveys. Congratulations to everyone.

10 Sep 2022

Ghodai's paper "Deep Graph Memory Networks for Forgetting-Robust Knowledge Tracing" is accepted for publication at TKDE.

20 June 2022

Buddhi will be joining us soon. Welcome!

1 June 2022

Congratulations on finishing the PhD journey and starting your postdoc, Farhan!

24 Mar 2022

Asiri will be giving his thesis presentation "Geometric Learning on Graph Structured Data" at 11am - 12pm.

10 Mar 2022

Xincheng will be joining us within a collaboration between our lab and CSIRO – Welcome Xincheng!

14 Feb 2022

Asela will be joining us. Welcome and look forward to seeing you soon in Canberra!

31 Jan 2022

Our work on A New Perspective on "How Graph Neural Networks Go Beyond Weisfeiler-Lehman?" is accepted by ICLR 2022 (oral).

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