Weekly Study Sessions

Date/Time: 2-3pm Thursdays of every month, except for the 1st Thursday

Venue: Board room 4.15, Hanna Neumann Building, ANU campus.


–12 August 2021
Muhammad Farhan
Paper: Scaling Distance Labelling on Small-World Networks, Li et al., Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), 2019 - Click here

–29 July 2021
Masooma Iftikhar
Paper: Conservative or Liberal? Personalized Differential Privacy, Jorgensen et al., IEEE 31st International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2015 - Click here

–22 July 2021
Ghodai Zaki
Paper: Augmenting Knowledge Tracing by Considering Forgetting Behavior, Nagatani et al., The world wide web conference (WWW), 2019 - Click here

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Conference Presentations


Query-by-Sketch: Scaling Shortest Path Graph Queries on Very Large Networks (Slides):

EDBT 2021

Efficient Maintenance of Distance Labelling for Incremental Updates in Large Dynamic Graphs (Slides)

PAKDD 2021

dK-Projection: Publishing Graph Joint degree distribution with Node Differential Privacy (Slides)

ICDM 2020

ErGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Entity Resolution (Slides)

PAKDD 2020

dK-Microaggregation: Anonymizing Graphs with Differential Privacy Guarantees (Slides)

SIGIR 2019

Knowledge Tracing with Sequential Key-Value Memory Networks (Slides)

NeurIPS 2019

Geometric Deep Learning Techniques on Graphs (Slides)

ICDM 2019

Learning To Sample: an Active Learning Framework (Slides)

EDBT 2019

A Highly Scalable Labelling Approach for Exact Distance Queries in Complex Networks (Slides)